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Loss Consulting

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PHC can help you determine the best option for restoring the Insured to a pre-loss condition. We can provide damage estimates, repair estimates and replacement costs to insure that equipment claims are both reasonable an fair. You should be informed of your options regarding repair, restoration. replacement and salvage. Our consultants can verify the cause of the loss and validate costs. We will contact the Insured and the various vendors, sort invoices, visit the site of the loss if necessary, and then organize and submit our findings for your review. PHC consulting expertise encompasses, but is not limited to:

• Computers, PCs, & Networks
• Electrical Panels & Control Systems
• TV & Radio Station Broadcast Equipment
• Medical Equipment -all types
• Police & Fire Radio & 911 Emergency Systems
• HVAC & Environmental Control Systems
• Software Analysis, Hacker & Virus Attack, Data Recovery
• Office Equipment, Consumer Electronics, & Home Theatre
• Alarm Panels & Sprinkler Systems
• Manufacturing Equipment

Laptop Evaluation

PHC Answers These & Other Tough Questions on Your Property Losses

  • Is replacement necessary?
  • Can the old phones be used with the new system?
  • Will replacement of the PC cause conflicts with the old software?
  • Is this software upgrade necessary?
  • Does this electrical scope include unnecessary enhancements?

Like, Kind, & Quality (LKQ) Replacement Estimates

Technology and the costs associated with it change at lightning speeds. Prices for equipment only six months old may have changed drastically. Proposed replacement costs need to be carefully scrutinized for accuracy and relevancy to identify proper LKQ. PHC uses industry knowledge, and sophisticated databases developed for over 30 years to provide fast, accurate answers on replacement costs.

Chemical Testing & Corrosion Analysis

PHC uses proprietary test methods as well as the most advanced industry techniques including photomicrography, UV fluorescence, pH, cation, and anion testing to test and analyze contamination for property claims after an insurance loss. This analysis helps adjusters to identify loss-related corrosion and contamination, vulnerability to further degradation and breakdown, longevity, and more.

By clearly identifying and understanding the impact of contaminants such as soot, smoke, water, and other chemicals, PHC clearly and concisely arrives at determinations of damage and recommends courses of action, costs, and more. We take the guesswork out of remediation. Our analysis provides insights into issues of recovery such as the actual extent of contamination, viability of recovery, and restore vs. replace analysis. Analysis can be performed on equipment, structure, and personal property with insightful results.

Chemical Testing