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Equipment Loss Training for Adjusters

These classes are conducted at your location, at the PHC home office in suburban Chicago, conveniently located near O'Hare airport, or in our new webinar format. We are proud to announce our webinar series for these adjuster classes. PHC offers these courses to home-office and independent adjusters as well as some agents. Each of these classes is usually about 1.5 hours long and comes with a training manual. These courses are packed full of valuable information that property adjusters can immediately apply to high-tech losses.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) May Be Available

PHC also works with any accrediting or continuing educational programs so that adjusters can obtain credit for these classes. All classes are taught by experienced PHC technical specialists with years of claims experience to add to the value of the information.

Lightning Damage

Lightning 101

This course consists of a brief overview of the nature of lightning: how it occurs, points of entry into buildings and equipment, how it damages equipment, and how to distinguish lightning damage from other electrical damage. Repair issues, such as stress by lightning, compromise of the lifetime of the equipment, and so forth are also covered. It is a non-technical overview aimed at the adjustor to amplify his or her background and knowledge of lightning about covered causes and damage issues.

Phone System Claims

This is an overview of commercial telephone systems includes a review of relevant claim issues and endorsements and covers the following:

• General Principles of Operation (Non-Technical)
• Typical Damage From Lightning or an Electrical Surge
• Replacement & Repair Issues
• Repair Issues Such as Stressed by Lightning
• Repair Costs
• Standard Terminology

Due to business interruption issues, phone system claims can be among the most urgent to resolve. We'll show you how to get on top of the situation immediately, how to detect the seven warning flags that spell unnecessary replacement or upgrades and enhancements, and more. PHC shares over 25 years of experience in the telephone industry that will help you get to the bottom line fast.

Computer & Hacker Claim Basics

This course is an overview of computer systems (non-technical) and terminology, covering topics such as the following:

  • Data Recovery Issues
  • Software Licensing Concerns
  • Damage

In addition to hardware, software, and data issues, this seminar covers certain endorsements such as precious papers, data versus software, and more. A special part of the training discusses the emergence of ransomware and phishing email scams, a fast growing sector of cybercrimes now costing the insurance industry millions.

Machinery 101

This course consists of a non-technical overview of claim issues associated with common manufacturing machinery types such as the following:

  • CNC Equipment
  • Lathes
  • Printing Presses
  • Injection-Molding Machines
  • Tool & Die 
  • And More

We explore loss concerns unique to this type of equipment, such as the following:

  • New Versus Used
  • Pre-Existing Environmental Problems
  • Refurbished Equipment Market Pricing
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Rebuild
  • Finished Product Damage

Restoration Principles for the Adjuster (RPA)

These next three courses comprise our RPA series. The intent is to provide training to the adjuster to help him or her make informed decisions on issues such as restore versus replace, the likelihood of recovery, and reasonable and hidden costs.

Fire, Water, & Electronics

We offer two courses that provide a more in-depth review of the damage mechanisms, equipment and environment stabilization needs, and damage assessment techniques associated with electronics and telecommunications equipment after a fire and smoke or water event (roof and pipe leaks, condensation, flood, etc.), respectively.

Electronics Hardware Damage

Fire & Electronics

In the fire and electronics course, we provide a brief tutorial on fire and smoke chemistry, along with case studies of what can go right and what can go wrong. This course covers the significance of the following:

  • Immediate Response
  • Protection of Evidence
  • Top 10 Questions to Ask
  • Environmental Control
  • Business Interruption Considerations

Water & Electronics

In the water and electronics course, we provide a brief review of corrosion chemistry, along with case studies. This course explores the significance of the following:

  • Depowering
  • Drying & Dehumidification
  • Corrosion Types
  • Water Contents
  • Pre-Existing Contaminants

Advanced Damage Assessment

This course provides a technical review of the engineering and scientific principles associated with damage assessment of the following:

  • Electronics
  • Electrical Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Medical/Laboratory Equipment
  • Machinery

We cover engineering issues associated with hardware and software damage claims, damage mitigation, environmental control, and lightning/electrical surges. We also discuss in detail case studies of the chemistry of equipment damage from fire, smoke, water, particulates, and gases. Various damage assessment methodologies will be explored and restoration procedures examined.